Roster Shake-up for Rebels?


If you believe the rumors swirling in the wake of UNLV’s season-ending loss in the first round of the NCAA tournament, next year’s Rebels could look very different. Not only is starting point guard Anthony Marshall graduating, but the Rebels could be down two more starters by this time the 2013-14 season begins.

First, the Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s Matt Youmans reported on Saturday that Katin Reinhardt is considering transferring. Reinhardt scored 10.1 points per game as a freshman, and he appears to be a major building block for Dave Rice. Losing him to transfer would be a big blow.

Reinhardt quickly denied the report, taking to his Twitter account to knock down the rumor:

And the next day:

So make of that what you will. If Reinhardt himself is making such strong statements on the issue, I would tend to believe him. The Review-Journal report doesn’t mention any possible landing spots for Reinhardt, but after he played 29.2 minutes per game at UNLV as a freshman, it’s hard to imagine him finding a program that will give him more playing time or offensive freedom.

The other rumor making the rounds is much more believable, as CBS Sports is reporting that Anthony Bennett will leave school and enter the NBA Draft. I think most people expected Bennett to be a one-and-done recruit even before the season started, and after the year he had (16.1 points, 8.1 rebounds per game), this news shouldn’t blindside anyone.

Bennett said immediately after the Cal loss that he would be making a decision on the NBA, and the CBS Sports story has an anonymous source saying he’ll announce his intentions later this week.

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