Recruit Q&A: Matthew Moyer

As the Rebels continue to look ahead to the 2015 and 2016 recruiting classes, one player to keep an eye on is Matthew Moyer. A 6-foot-8 power forward in the Class of 2016, Moyer has offers from schools such as Butler, Xavier, Iowa and Wisconsin, and Dave Rice offered the Ohio native in April.

Moyer averaged 5.1 points and 4.5 rebounds per game as a sophomore, but his athleticism and energy make him a prospect worth following.

Recruit Q&A with Matthew Moyer

RunRebs: What’s your schedule like this summer? Have you been busy?

Matthew Moyer: Very busy. A lot of training and things of that nature, very busy.

RunRebs: What are you doing this summer to improve?

Matthew Moyer: Working out every morning from 4 to 10 o’clock. I also have a personal trainer and we’ve been lifting weights and doing some other things. Just stuff to try and get better.

RunRebs: Do you have any specific goals for next season?

Matthew Moyer: Definitely to keep my outside jump shot and also just to be more dominant and be a better leader.

RunRebs: If you could describe your play in one or two words what would it be?

Matthew Moyer: Physicality and high motor, that’s me.

RunRebs: Has there been a particular player you try to model your playing style after?

Matthew Moyer:  I play a lot like Mike Moser, who actually went to UNLV, I would say. He has a high motor, very versatile, and that’s one thing about me. I’m very versatile and I can bring the ball down the floor and all that good stuff, so I’d definitely say him.

RunRebs:  What’s one aspect of your game that you think will help you succeed at the college level?

Matthew Moyer:  Definitely my IQ.  I have a very high IQ and I know when to shoot, when to pass and things like that.

RunRebs:  What is one intangible that you think you can bring to a college program?

Matthew Moyer:  Just how hard I play. You know if my shots aren’t falling, I just make sure to go out and play as hard as I can and leave everything on the court.

RunRebs: Has the recruiting process been a stressful one or a smooth one for you so far?

Matthew Moyer:  Very stressful. Just so stressful. All these schools calling and everything else, but I just try to keep it within a definitive circle.

RunRebs: Are there any favorites right now?

Matthew Moyer:  Right now it’s an even race. I’m not going to put any school over another school right now.

RunRebs:  Do you have any visits planned?

Matthew Moyer:  I plan to visit Iowa, but that’s all I have planned right now.

RunRebs: What will be the main factor in your college decision?

Matthew Moyer: Just how it fits. You know, does the school fit for me? Things of that nature.

RunRebs: What has been UNLV’s main pitch to you?

Matthew Moyer: When [Dave Rice] offered me, he just said how good I fit in and how good of a kid I am. We got into my role and how I’d be used and some stuff like that.

RunRebs: What are your early thoughts on Dave Rice and the coaching staff at UNLV? Have they made you feel comfortable?

Matthew Moyer: I’ve gotten a pretty good relationship with their staff and I think they’re really cool.

RunRebs: Are you enjoying the recruiting process?

Matthew Moyer: Yes sir, I’m definitely enjoying the recruiting process. I’m just really trying to take it all in and take it slow.

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