Game Rewind: What Worked, What Didn’t Against Fresno State

Patrick McCaw break

With UNLV looking to speed up the tempo this season, we’ll be choosing the Rebels’ best transition play from each contest for quick postgame dissection.

Transition Play of the Game vs. Chaminade

Second half, 8:17 remaining
UNLV 68, Chaminade 57

Leading up to the Maui Invitational, we covered the Rebels’ desire to kick-start their transition game with outlet passes from the big men. So when Ben Carter gets a chance to grab a clean, uncontested defensive rebound here, he quickly turns his head to seek out an opportunity to push the ball up the floor via the pass.

Carter isn’t swinging for the fences with this pass. It doesn’t travel the length of the court or lead directly to a layup, but he gets it out of his hands so quickly that when Jordan Cornish catches it on the run around halfcourt, the ball is already ahead of four Chaminade defenders.

Take a look at the moment Carter hits Cornish:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 5.07.18 PM

Because Carter wastes no time turning and throwing an aggressive outlet, the Rebels immediately have numbers going the other way.

Cornish recognizes UNLV has a numbers advantage on the break, and it only takes one aggressive dribble to freeze the lone Chaminade defender under the basket. Once that happens, Cornish is able to loft an easy lob over the top to Patrick McCaw, who is waiting in the wings on the left side.

McCaw is the only Rebel who really ran the floor ahead of the Chaminade defense, but due to Carter’s opportunistic outlet pass and Cornish’s assertive push, he was able to get an easy basket. File this one away as an example of an outlet pass working to perfection.

Total time elapsed: 5.2 seconds.

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