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With UNLV looking to speed up the tempo this season, we’ll be choosing the Rebels’ best transition play from each contest for quick postgame dissection.

Transition Play of the Game vs. Wichita State

Second half, 5:45 remaining
Wichita State 47, UNLV 39

There weren’t a lot of transition chances to choose from in this game, as UNLV only scored four fast-break points on the night. So this lightning bolt late in the second half took on added significance as it brought the Rebels’ a little closer as they tried to complete their comeback.

The sequence starts with a baseline jumper by the player being defended by Patrick McCaw. Though McCaw doesn’t get in on the initial rebounding action, he is quick to pounce when the loose ball hits the floor, redirecting it to himself as he’s already gathering momentum to break the other way. And if you’re a UNLV fan, you know what happens when McCaw builds up speed in the open court.

McCaw pushes the loose ball toward an open area near midcourt, and by the time he scoops it up he’s already ahead of four Wichita State defenders. That gives him plenty of options. He can zoom to the rim and attack the lone remaining defender, like he did against Oregon; he can pull up for a quick 3-pointer, like he did against Cal Poly; he can hit a flaring Ike Nwamu for a 3-pointer, like he did against New Mexico Highlands; or he can choose the other option…

Ike Nwamu calls for an alley-oop, but McCaw opts for the safer play. McCaw presses the defender, and once the defender commits and lunges for the ball, McCaw slips an easy pass to Nwamu, leading him to the rim for an open dunk. The Rebels didn’t create a ton of fast-break chances against Wichita State, but McCaw and Nwamu cashed in on this one.

Total time elapsed: 5.0 seconds.

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