Who Will Be Las Vegas’ Celebrity Hockey Super Fan?

Lance Burton

Photo via LanceBurton.com

Lance Burton

Is Burton a sports fan? No idea. Is he an interesting character with a flair for the dramatic? Absolutely. And so before you count him out as “too weird” to be the guy pounding on the glass at T-Mobile, remember that stranger things have happened. Pro wrestling legend and hockey neophyte Shawn “Heartbreak Kid” Michaels became a cheerleader for the Pittsburgh Penguins’ namesake “HBK line” in this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs. And Steve freaking Perry became a good luck charm for not one, but TWO World Series champions nearly a decade apart, singing the White Sox to victory in 2005 and prodding the San Francisco Giants to not stop believing in 2014. So a retired magician like Burton doesn’t really move the needle on the weirdness scale when it comes to super fans.

Actually, what’s Steve Perry doing these days? Maybe we just prop him up behind the boards and see if he can complete the three-peat.


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