Why UNLV Makes Sense for Chase Jeter

Former Bishop Gorman big man Chase Jeter announced that he will be transferring from Duke after two seasons; UNLV may be the right landing spot for Jeter.

“After careful consideration, I decided it would be best for me to transfer to a school closer to home,” Jeter said in a Duke press release.

There isn’t anything closer to home than UNLV, which sits less than 15 miles from Bishop Gorman’s campus and was the home to Jeter’s father’s college career. Chris Jeter played at UNLV from 1987 to 1991.

Chris Jeter told Scout.com that Chase is looking for a coach that will “utilize him correctly in the post and let him venture out and use his outside shot.”

While Marvin Menzies may not be inclined to give Jeter a green light from anywhere on the floor, the UNLV head coach has a history of utilizing the post. In 2013-14, while at New Mexico State, Menzies called more post-up plays than any other coach in the country.

Menzies made it a habit at New Mexico State to run the offense through the post.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.38.37 PM

That’s four straight seasons of ranking in the top 20 in the nation in number of post-up possessions, per Synergy Sports. Even in his first year at UNLV, where he had very limited talent in the post, Menzies made the post-up a major part of the UNLV offense.

The Rebels had the third most post-up chances in the Mountain West, as Menzies called creative, quick plays to get Chris Jones, Cheickna Dembele and Dwayne Morgan post-ups.

Jeter wasn’t used in the post at Duke. He had a total of 24 post-ups in his two years at Duke. Under Marvin Menzies he could see that many post-ups in the span of a week. If Chase Jeter wants a coach that will feed him the ball in the paint, Marvin Menzies is the answer.

Here’s a couple of post-up chances for Chase Jeter against Dwayne Morgan when UNLV and Duke played in the T-Mobile Arena in December.

The other major reason for coming to UNLV will be playing time. Chase Jeter was just another five star at Duke. In his 2015 class, he was one of four Duke commits given the highest ranking. In 2016, another quartet of five stars joined Duke. The reloading never stops and Jeter got buried.

After an 11-21 season, that shouldn’t be a problem at UNLV. Jeter is likely in a position where he wants nearly guaranteed playing time, as his college career is half over and he has yet to showcase his skills night in and night out.

But does Jeter make sense for UNLV? The Rebels currently have two young centers in Cheickna Dembele and incoming recruit Mbacke Diong. Plus, Marvin Menzies is still chasing class of 2017 five-star center Brandon McCoy.

The additions of McCoy and Jeter would mean UNLV would be committing 4 of 13 scholarships to centers in 2017-18. But Jeter’s potential is worth it.

He could be an impact player in the Mountain West. And since he has to sit out a season, and Brandon McCoy could be a one and done, he might not even overlap with McCoy for playing time.

Jeter would provide an upgrade to finishing around the rim. Last season, UNLV made 51.5 percent of its shots at the rim, per Hoop Math. That ranked 341st in the nation. In his limited playing time, Jeter has made 63 percent of his shots at the rim. Only Dwayne Morgan – who played just eight games – had a higher field goal percentage in close on the Rebel roster.

The other intriguing part of Jeter’s transfer is the possibility of UNLV and Nevada going head to head for a player. The Wolf Pack have a major advantage with Dave Rice as an assistant coach. Dave’s brother, Grant, was Jeter’s head coach at Bishop Gorman. That relationship could prove fruitful for Nevada.

Just the battle between the two schools could create hostility on game day. Rebel fans booed Jaylen Fisher, who was committed to UNLV but followed Ryan Miller to TCU after Dave Rice was fired and none of the assistant coaches were named head coach.

Imagine the disdain of fans if Jeter, who already picked Duke over UNLV, chooses Nevada and former Rebel head coach Dave Rice.

Jeter may have his sights set higher than UNLV, but the Rebels can be an attractive option for the talented transfer.

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