UNLV Embraces Las Vegas With New Hey Reb! Logo

Looking to embrace Las Vegas and move into the future, UNLV introduced a new logo featuring a new Hey Reb! and elements of the city.

The new logo features the Welcome to Las Vegas sign outline and the mountain ranges that surround the Las Vegas Valley. Plus, the new Hey Reb! has lost his feather in favor of a red star.

Hey Reb! has faced scrutiny in the past for unfounded connections to the Confederacy, but he was never on the chopping block.

“Hey Reb! is our history. Hey Reb! is part of who we are,” chief marketing officer Vince Alberta said. “Hey Reb! is a character that we want to make sure is a part of this university.”

A 2015 report, conducted by UNLV’s chief diversity officer, found that neither Hey Reb! nor the nickname Rebels had any ties to the Confederacy.

The university’s student newspaper recently changed its name from the Rebel Yell to the Scarlet & Gray Free Press, as the paper’s editor-in-chief wanted to distance the paper from the connection to a Confederate battle cry.

Prior to the introduction of Hey Reb!, UNLV did use confederate symbols. The original logo featured a wolf named Beauregard, who wore a gray Confederate jacket. He was dumped in 1973s, and after a brief stint with a colonial minuteman and the UNLV sun logo, UNLV adopted Hey Reb! in the 1983. He originally carried a gun, but that was dropped in the 1997s.

The 2017 rendition of Hey Reb! has undergone a dramatic change. He is now a silhouette with a much smaller mustache. He also has a bandana draped across his neck now.

The previous Hey Reb! logo was not a particularly great logo. The most prominent parts of the design were his chin and brim of his hat. His signature mustache and the red and white feather are dwarfed in size by two uninteresting features of Hey Reb!

It remains to be seen how quickly the old Hey Reb! logo is phased out. The biggest problem might be UNLV’s football field, which features the old Hey Reb! at midfield. But it might be pointless to replace the turf at Sam Boyd Stadium, since UNLV will be moving into the Raiders’ Las Vegas stadium in 2020.

UNLV turned to a design firm in Adrenalin to help out with the logo redesign. Adrenalin was included with an 11-member committee made up of UNLV and Las Vegas representatives. The total cost of the project came out between $50,000 and $60,000.

This is the fourth iteration of Hey Reb!, as UNLV has had five previous primary logos.

Beauregard, UNLV’s wolf mascot in Confederate military gear, was used from 1968-1973.

The sun logo was used for two separate from 1974-75 and from 1977-1982.

The minuteman had the shortest of stays as the UNLV logo, lasting just one year in 1976.

The first iteration of Hey Reb! carried a gun. This logo was in place from 1983-1996.

The face of Hey Reb! became the dominant part of the logo in 1997. This logo lasted until 2005.

This now replaced version of Hey Reb’s face was introduced in 2006.

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